Marine, Fire & Safety: Consulting and Training

We offer courses in the following categories:

  • Shipboard Fire Fighting

  • Confined Spaces Entry and Rescue

  • Marine Fire Fighting (for on-board personnel)

  • Marine Fire Fighting (for Land-based Fire Fighters)

  • Spill Response

  • SOCTO – Supervisor of Oil and Chemical Transfer Operations – Transport Canada Approved.

Several new associates are now working with ‘SeaFire’ as we get better known. Details will be posted soon.

We pride ourselves as being unusual in the marine and fire industries. We effectively meld the two disciplines. At sea, fire control and risk assessment are major operational concerns for the mariner. The only responders are the crew and they must be properly trained to deal with an incident. In port, a fire department may respond to a vessel fire and they must be trained to use techniques that differ from their normal procedures. Again, they need training relevant to their needs.

Some of our clients have had opportunity to test their skills on vessel fires.

Large vessels: Congratulations to Ventura County Fire for the successful response to the NOAA vessel McArthur – great job. I also appreciate the great hospitality extended to me when I was there. Thanks to all, especially Engine 53.

Small vessels: North Whatcom Fire Rescue had a good stop on the ‘DELTA DAWN’ – good job guys. I’m happy to say we continue with the marine training program – you’ve got to train for what seldom happens. Since then they’ve had a few more stops on vessel fires.

For a more in-depth look at our training, please see Fire Services and Marine and Industrial Services.

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